Unique Power Strip – Funny Multi-Snout Piggy For 17 Plugs

Funny Multi Snout Piggy For 17 Plugs

What cuteness! This amazing pink piece by Russian designer Alexey Sharshakov is called Svintus, and that means ‘piggy’ in Russian. As a typical European socket reminds of a snout of a pig, the designer decided to use the idea. It’s not just a usual power strip, it’s a multi-snout cutie that you will not want to hide behind a couch. It’s a great idea – functional as it may accommodate up to seventeen plugs, and a pretty, lovely piece to enjoy it. The built-in circuit breaker protects from overload. Such a piggy will be a cool and funny accessory for any interior, and your kids will be excited to use such a snout.

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Funny Multi Snout Piggy For 17 Plugs
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Funny Multi Snout Piggy For 17 Plugs
Source: stilsucht, artlebedev

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